Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Blushin' with Tarte's Tipsy

When it starts getting hot I tend to wear more natural makeup, mostly so I don't melt into a puddle.
I love a bright pop in the summer for a fresh look. I think Tarte has one of the best powdered blush formulas. I've been wanting a bright coral/melon blush. I decided to go with Tarte because it has the best lasting power and in the heat of the summer that is what I need. 
I went with the cult classic shade, Tipsy! These kinds of shades can look scary in the pan, but they are actually some of the most natural. The Tarte formula lasts all day and blends like a breeze! The packaging is simple and matches the shade inside, which makes life easy if you're a makeup collector. They are priced at $28 a piece and though that is not cheap, a little goes a long way. This shade would work on most skin tones.
What is your favorite blush formula and why? Tell me in the comments so I can buy them all!! 
(Just kidding, not going to buy them all...probably.) Hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to share if you did and comment!

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