Friday, June 10, 2016

Then & Now: 7 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

Sometimes I forget how long I've been blogging. I've been at this since Autumn 2013. Which in 
terms of how long blogging has been around, that's not that long, but I have grown so much through this hobby. So here are some things I've discovered through blogging!

1) To start with I have learned that everything is a growing experience. For a perfectionist that is a daily struggle to accept. haha

2) Sometimes it's good to write things for yourself even if they don't perform as well. If you're not enjoying yourself people can tell. Passion > Clicks

3) Perfect is not always appealing.

4) Don't measure your success by audience size or by other people's blogs. I sometimes wish I had a larger readership or look at other bloggers and wonder, 'Why don't I have that many comments?', then I stop and remember that isn't why I started this.

5) Internet friends are amazing! I feel like I really know some of you at this point. I love having little pockets of people I get the delight of chatting with from all over the world.

7) Community is a beautiful thing! We aren't just here to read about makeup but to tell each other "You look lovely.", "I love the point you made." and "Don't be hard on yourself, I've been there too." Even though it can the online world can be ugly the beauty is more abundant.

These are just the top things that I am constantly reminding myself of. I can just look at the pictures from when I started blogging to now, where my makeup skill is at, and how I've become much better at tech stuff. Everything has grown and changed and I feel like I've become stronger because of these things.

I hope you liked this chatty post! Tell me something reading or writing a blog has taught you.

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