Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Update: I Moved

You may (or may not) recall I made two trips to Seattle last year. Well, it wasn't purely for vacation.
My family and I were planning a move. Moving out of state is a big deal so we made a few trips and tried to plan things out as best you can. I've mentioned that I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area originally, however, we moved to the Las Vegas Valley 15 years ago and just never felt at home there. Washington felt like going home to a place we'd never been. We began laying the foot work and now it has happened!

The craziest thing about all this is that I have always loved cold, cloudy, drizzly weather. When I was little I was obsessed with umbrellas, if I'm being honest, still am a bit! One day a group of my parents friends came by and one of them, Kim, asked me why I was sitting in the front yard (it was summer) with the sprinklers on with an umbrella? I proclaimed it was because I love the rain. I find it very soothing, even now I sleep with a sound machine that does rain storms to fall asleep. Kim then told me that I should live in Seattle. I inquired as to why that was and she told me about it's famous weather patterns. I had it in my head, that was it, Seattle was for me. I never really forgot that and bounced the idea around for years as I grew up. I began looking into the Seattle area for more than it's rainy season (there are actually four seasons) and it looked like just the place for me. So I should probably send a thank you card to Kim, because you never know how you can effect a four year olds life twenty one years later. (I am about 35 minutes North of Seattle.)

So if I have missed reading/commenting on your post, or replying to your kind comments on mine, now you know why. This is all scary and new and big! I am so thrilled though and I will be posting more pictures and giving you guys more info on what I'm up to. I'm even going to try to do more lifestyle post as this area reflects my interests more. I am also using this as a way to force myself to go out. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with my anxiety disorder and I end up "hermitting"
 in the shell that is my home. I figure if I plan things, so I can write about them, it will push me out of the house more.

I hope you like the idea of seeing more lifestyle/out and about stuff! I am looking forward to a new adventure and challenge in doing it. Thanks for being the place I get to bring with me! My blog is honestly the one thing that hasn't changed in the past few weeks so it has been a blessing to get lost in and to have a chat with you. 

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