Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My New Sugar Crush

With all the fake tan about this summer a good scrub is a must! I decided to try a scrub I've 
never used before. I picked up the Sugar Crush Body Scrub form Soap & Glory. Now I haven't really tried much from S&G other than a hand cream, but I decided to give this lime scented scrub a go.
This scrub has fresh sweet lime juice, sparkling lemon, sea salt, and smashed brown sugar to brighten and exfoliate. Sweet vanilla musk and almond oil along with glycerin to soften and hydrate the skin for a smooth finish.
Sugar scrubs are, in my opinion, better for a deep scrub. Sugar acts differently in water than salt; salt easily dissolves where sugar has to melt, this means a sugar based scrub stays scrubby longer. The fruit enzymes help loosen dead skin while all the exfoliating bits slough it away. 

Over all I think this is a really great scrub, now is it my favorite scrub I've ever used, not really. I would totally pick it up again though and I think it gets the job done! 

Have you tried this scrub before? Do you have any Soap & Glory recommendations for me 
to try next?Tell me in the comments, I love hearing from you!!

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