Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8 Daring Lipsticks to Love

We live in a brilliant time where lipsticks come in more than the pinks, reds, and neutrals. Now 
some of us play with blues, blacks, purples and more, along with the classics. I love wearing crazy shades now and again when the mood strikes me, so I thought I’d show you my 8 boldest shades and tell you how I like to wear them. They’re pretty in a different way and can feel quite empowering to rock. 
1)   Melt Cosmetics - Lipstick in Bane
This is an ULTRA matte formula and is probably the boldest of the bunch. Black is one of those shades that you just don’t see that often from brands. I can only name a few, though ever-growing, that sell a black in their range. 
How I rock it: I like to wear it with a strong contour, a light blush (or none), and a cool toned neutral eye with very fluttery false lashes and no liner. For me this combo makes the lip a little less aggressive and feel almost like an otherworldly type of beauty. I’m not shy about highlighter either.

2)   Anastasia Beverly Hills - Liquid Lipstick in Potion
This shade is one step down from the black shade listed above. Slightly less shocking and a little more exotic. The shade is stunning and has a purple/blue tone to it that is lovely. The formula is also perfect for such a bold look as it is longer lasting. 
How I rock it: I wear a similar makeup as above, but often add a peach blush for a bit of warmth to the look. A blush with a bit of a glow is nice too.

3)   Kat Von D Beauty - Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe
When I saw this it went right in my basket. It has shimmer, it’s sapphire blue and is stunning! An alien-esque quality is great for me. I love it. The formula is very comfortable and doesn’t feather much at all. 
How I rock it: This one looks great with really natural makeup. I like to let the lip take all the glory. Sheer and glowing is what I go for. It has a lovely strangeness to it.

4)   MAC - Cremesheen Lipstick in Black Night (Discontinued)
This was from the Dark Desires collection which had some fun and crazy shades. This is a somewhat sheer black/purple shade with gold and red shimmer throughout. It is a good type of shade for someone who wants to wear a black but isn’t ready for a full on black shade.
How I rock it: This looks great with a soft, hazy, smokey eye. It has a dreamy effect that has an bit of danger. The glossiness makes it a bit more approachable. 

5)   Kat Von D Beauty - Studded Kiss Lipstick in Piaf
This is a more wearable shade (or at least in my book). This is a brown with a lavender shimmer, which is a unique combo. It reapplies really easily as well and doesn’t layer heavy.
How I rock it: I like this one with a few different looks. It looks bold with a smokey eye. I love is with an orange toned eye as well. This one is great for fall looks.

6)   Urban Decay - Vice Lipstick in Shame (Cream formula) *old packaging*
A vampy, bold lip if I’ve ever seen one. This shade is both stunning and comfortable to wear. The non-drying formula is great and reapplication is a breeze. 
How I rock it: I wear this with loads of different looks, from bold eyes to a pin-up look. It works with almost anything. If I want to wear this in the summer I love a copper/gold tone like Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in Baked blown out and lining the under eye.

A bit of an odd shade I will admit, this purple toned grey is just fun. It is a bit sheer which makes it slightly less shocking and also comfortable to wear and reapply. This was a gift from a MAC employee and I probably wouldn’t have picked it out myself, but I really like it.
How I rock it: I love this with a colorful eye. It is somewhat lacking color so it can balance a look out. I also think it’s can be fun with a bold smokey eye.

This one of the most wearable shades in the bunch. It’s just the other side of a “normal” lipstick shades. It is very opaque and feels lovely on the lips. The shade is fun and can be nice for all seasons. 
How I rock it: I love to do a pin-up look with this. It’s a twist on a classic. I also love it with a hazy kind of grey/taupe eye look and some killer lashes.

Tips for going bold
  • Don’t be afraid; at the end of the day it wipes off. 
  • You may wish to whiten your teeth as some of the blue/purple shade can give a yellow of grey tone to your pearly whites.
  • Try out the wear at home before wearing it out. There is nothing more annoying than having a bold lip feather or smudge easily and not knowing it. 
  • Try it on with different looks to see how you best like to wear it.

I hope you’ve liked this bold lip post! I love these kinds of shades, I feel like they are the 
perfect example of how makeup is meant to be played with, bend the “rules” of beauty and have fun!
xoxo, Amanda

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