Monday, August 22, 2016

Why Being A Nerd if Kind of Great

How the term nerd has changed. The dictionary definition is 1) A foolish or contemptible person 
who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. 2) A single-minded expert in a particular technical field. Pretty negative. This generation has somehow turned nerd around and made it cool. Maybe it’s that mindset of “90’s Kids Remember” memes or something. We do remember and we eat it up. But what is so wrong with that? Being excited about anything to the point that it fills you with the joy of your youth? That sounds amazing to me. I have a few things I feel like a nerd about…
  • Star Wars
  • Makeup
  • DVD Extras
  • Beautiful Books
  • Music
What a great joy to have something to delight in. I think the term “Nerd” needs an added definition, 3) A person who finds great joy or pleasure in a specific fandom, hobby, culture or subculture.

So after that stream of thought, here are my Top 5 Reasons It’s Great To Be Nerdy…

  1. You have a group of people who are similarly passionate giving greater sense of community.
  2. You have an escape. Whether a storyline, hobby or cheek highlighter, you have something to pour yourself into when you need a life break.
  3. You’re never too old or young. I’ve sat with my friends' parents talking about when they first saw Star Wars in the theatre when it first came out in the late 80s. What it was like how they felt like they were seeing a shift in film. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to connect in the same manner otherwise.
  4. You have things to look forward too. This is very important in life. From new product launches to an album release to a movie coming out, when one of your favorite obsessions is dropping a new anything you get pumped.
  5. It’s never a bad thing to care about something. Loving a comic book or a car you’re rebuilding is healthy. People are often very into being flippant and acting as if nothing matters, there are a lot of things that matter in this life…even if that thing is a lipstick, because sometimes a thing is more than it appears to be. It could be a book that held you up during depression, a game that you played with your brother as kids, a hobby your grandma showed you before she passed, or just a movie that made you feel something more and gave you a sense of hope or adventure.
Being a nerd is great. I kind of feel bad for people who don’t have anything they are goofily passionate about. Life can be hard, so why not have a little light in the dark. There are bands, books and TV shows that I’m pretty sure got me through my worst times with anxiety and the depression that it brought on. I say be a nerd and embrace it.

Thanks for being a nerd with me and loving makeup and gushing over it and just being excited 
about something that’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but is a whole lot of fun. 

PS: Sorry for being MIA this past week. I started my job and had some internet issues. Thanks for hangin' in there with me. 

xoxo, Amanda

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