Monday, September 5, 2016

Dear John Cologne Body Spray

If you read my blog often, then you know I love perfume and cologne! When speaking of Lush 
if you think of the scent you get with each product, you've thought of perfume. The whole place is perfumed with each goodie getting a unique perfume. Did you know, there is actually a brand within the Lush brand called Gorilla Perfume? Father, son team Mark & Simon Constantine see perfume as an art form. Just as music is art for the ears and paintings are art for the eyes, perfume is art for the nose.
Each of the perfumes is meant to tell a story and has an inspiration outside of just smelling good. There is a great deal of thought and emotion poured into every perfume created. The Volume 3 range that recently launched is called Death & Decay; not what one thinks of right off the bat when considering perfumes. Simon and Mark wanted to celebrate the turning over of seasons in life and death and the inevitability of these two things. Whether it’s a relationship ending or the death of a loved one there is a beauty to the circle of things and there is always hope. 
The latest scent I picked up from the Gorilla Perfume range is the Cologne Body Spray, Dear John. This scent was created by Mark Constantine; he did not meet his father until his 60th birthday and had formulated this scent prior to their meeting. He created it as an idea of what his father, John, would smell of. It was meant to smell like a memory of a person you never knew, one for all the men who have gotten away from us, whether lovers, brothers or fathers. 
The cologne is not just meant for skin but for scarfs and clothes as well. It is a smell meant to be experienced when up close, like when burying your face into someones coat as you rest your head on their chest. The smell is both spicy and woody. It reminds me of what a coffee shop with old books and a fireplace might smell like, or perhaps what a man who spent time there would smell of. I completely get the idea of it smelling like an echo of a memory you never had. This is a perfume that has feeling behind it and every sniff if a delight.  It comes in a 150ml glass bottle since it's a lighter scent and can be misted on clothing or even in a room.
Have you tried any Lush - Gorilla Perfumes and do you think this one sounds like something 
you would like? Tell me what you think of the idea behind this perfume. If you do smell this one be sure to spray it as it smells very different out of the bottle. 

PS: The neighbors horse comes and flirts with me whenever I'm outside, so he made it into the photo shoot for this perfume and I got inspired to get more creative with the shots for this post. Here's a peek into my life Washington. More to come.

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