Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting NUDE for Fall

In my last post, here, I showed off the shades I’m loving for autumn, but I didn’t really offer 
many nude options. To be honest, I’ve been wearing a lot of smokey eyes with a nude lip this fall and I’ve been loving it. Here are some shades that I’ve been loving.
This shade is very pale and shimmery. The shimmer is very fine though so you don’t get any of that annoying texture. It’s gorgeous and I feel very sexy when pairing it with a deep smokey. I love the formula from this range as well. 

Urban Decay - Naked Gloss in Nooner
This shade is a perfect neutral pink toned nude. It’s very glossy and has hydrating ingredients so you don’t feel dried out after wearing it. It’s not sticky and is pigmented enough to show a difference in the lip color, but not so pigmented that it’s a fuss.

This well loved shade is a lovely warm toned brown that doesn’t give that slightly dead look that some pink toned brown can. (PS I love that look too.) It wears so well and lasts nicely and can be layered. I love how it looks with a soft makeup look. It has a softness to it that I love. 

This is super nude! I personally use it mostly to change another nude a bit of to do an ombre lip. However if you have the right skin tone this peachy nude is perfect. I will sometimes wear this with a very dark eye to balance it out a bit. 

This is a mauve nude that is my perfect my lips but better shade. I’ve been wearing this shade for about four years and this is my  second tube. I love it! It goes with every look I wear and is a comfortable matte to wear as it stays creamy without bleeding. 

These are my favorite nudes for fall, what are some of yours? I’d love to hear from you in the 

comments and have a chat about it!

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