Monday, September 19, 2016

Life Update: Settling In

I want to catch you up as to what’s been going on that past few weeks. If you ready my post, here, you’ll know I moved to Washington State! I am loving it. I am enjoying the seasons so much as I haven’t lived in a state for a while that has four seasons but rather just winter and summer. Autumn is lovely! I have taken on a new role in the company I work for which has taken up a bit more of my time. I am so excited and love it though. This has taken a bit of adjusting when it comes to blogging. I am trying to find my rhythm again and I think I’m getting there.

I’m sorry if I’ve been missing all of your lovely posts and not commenting back as quickly. I promise I’ll get better. 

I’m planning some posts soon and I hope that I can show you more of my life here. I want to get better at lifestyle blogging so you can see even more of what I’m up to! This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and now I just need to execute it. Once I get to know the lay of the land better I’m sure you’ll see more pictures and posts like that.

I’ve found that since moving here my anxiety is a lot less active. All the green trees and general breath taking nature that is here has helped a lot. It’s been amazing to see how much of a difference it’s made being closer to nature and water. 

My dogs met out neighbors horses the other day and got to be friends, so now they’re settling in a bit better being less frightened/excited by these giant things they had never seen before. They’re still getting used to deer and the other woodland creatures that are in the woods behind my house.

Everything has unfolded beautifully and not always as I had envisioned, but in some 
ways better. Timing is everything! 

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