Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Palette Challenge

If you didn't know, relocating out of state is pricey. I am working on building my finances back up,
but in the mean time my spending has slowed a bit. Lucky for my I have a small Sephora for a makeup collection and I've been making myself use what I have. I have found this to be a lot of fun and wanted to share my experience, as always, with you!

My Rules:
I have to use at least three palettes in a week. None of that getting stuck on one and just doing the same thing business. I have to play with shades I have not used in a while and can not use the same palette more than two days in a row. 

I've been at this for about a month and a half and here's what I've found; it's really fun! I've played with colors that have fallen by the way side (metallic purples). I have busted out ALL of my Urban Decay Vice palettes, which I've spent so much money on that I should play with them more. I have remembered why I was so excited about these beautiful works of art. I have become more creative and done looks I haven't thought to do, because guess what, there's a reason I have all these and it's because at one point or another they inspired me and my makeup. 

So all I can say is play with the things you haven't in a while. It's so easy in this age to just go onto the next palette, the next lip, the next highlighter, the next blogger colab. Let us not forget about all the one's who came before and illuminated our makeup loving hearts.

Does this sound like something you would do? If you do try it or are thinking about it I'd love
know what you're thoughts are, so I'll meet you in the comments!

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