Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Reviewed: Urban Decay - Razor Sharp Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner

I was a huge fan of Urban Decay's years gone by version of these liners, so when I heard they were
bringing a new, revamped version to the makeup game I was more than ready. Welcome to my life, the Razor Sharp Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliner!
The packaging is sleek and effective and sports the shade inside on the brush handle. The brush is the most precise, tiny liquid eyeliner applicator I have ever used and it tops the old versions brushes as well. It manages to be both tiny, stiff, but not too stiff. Well done Urban Decay, well done!
I was going to swatch these but I decided that doing this cherry blossom tree branch as a wing would better display the accuracy and ease of use with these eyeliners.

The shades I got are Dark Force, a rich, warm-toned brown with a gold shimmer throughout and Intergalactic, a frosty mid-toned pink. Swatches of the shades of UD's website are very accurate to the final pay off.

The wear time on these is insane! Long-Wear is putting it lightly. I swatched the shade Intergalactic and then took a shower and washed my hair and conditioned and when I got out the swatches were still there. They stayed there for 2 days with little fading until I actually took them off with an oil based makeup remover. Can you say 'wow'? I even rubbed my eyes the other day and not even a smudge resulted in it. However, the liner removes easily with my normal makeup remover that I always use. So basically, it's there until you don't want it there.

There are 20 shades that range from black to a metallic lime green and everything in between. I have my eye on Goldrush next. These are so fun and easy to play with and get creative! I am obsessed. You'll be seeing these in upcoming holiday looks for sure so stay tuned.

Would you want to see a tutorial on how I created these cherry blossom branches? Let me know
in the comments and I will do it for you. Have you tried these liners yet? What color did you get and what did you think of the formula?

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