Friday, December 9, 2016

The Gift You Know They'll Use

What is the one thing we never leave the house without? Our phones!! We practically live in an 
age that can't function without the use of an app. Whether calling an Über or ordering paying for your smoothy your phone is by your side to not only pay, but document it all. This of course makes your phone case as much of a statement as your clothes and makeup. 

Function and style is what I look for in a phone case and that makes it an amazing option for a holiday gift. I recently needed to update my iPhone to a 7 and that required some cases. I had a gift card to Best Buy and went to town a bit! I figured I would show you as all of these could be great gifts for the person who has everything...or just loves a good case.
My eyes went to the case right away! Aside from being a big Kate Spade fan I could not look away from the textured, exposed, rose gold, chunky glitter. I had a Kate Spade case for my 6 and decided that I'd get another. This one has shock absorbing liner to reduce internal damage in case of an inevitable drop. It also has bumpers to protect the much as you can without an Otter Box anyway. It's lovely and eye catching while staying classy.
I have always loved all of my Case-Mate cases and I wanted to have one on hand since I could not choose between this and the Kate Spade. This one has a bit more of a protective quality to it as this one has a thicker bumper and more shock absorption. It has a gunmetal/deep champagne shift of over 800 crystals that sparkle and gunmetal details. 
Now, I was not planning on getting three cases, but the guy at the till told me they were having a promotion that if I got another I'd get it for free, so how could I not say yes. This one unfold with a few slots for ID and bank cards. I've never had a case like this but if I want to go to a concert or just out in the city this could really be handy!
I know I have been totally MIA, but some unexpected emergency circumstances came up at and
I ended up having to move to a new house closer to the city and work. That was all a whole lot and I just have to thank each and every one of you for your patients with me since moving to Washington. I hope you enjoyed this post and I have missed you all and reading your posts!

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