Friday, March 3, 2017

Getting Back Into Blogging with February Favorites!

You may or may not have noticed I've been 100% MIA on my blog and on my Instagram. Well,
that was due to moving, a bit of an uptake in responsibility at work and the holiday season. I was unable to balance it all and blogging is a hobby and life and work have to take a front seat. Honestly, I feel awful since I didn't even have time to comment and read a lot of my blogging friends posts. I'm sorry friends!

But I am trying to make my comeback and I figured what better way than a January Favorites! I will still only be posting once a week as that's all I feel as though I can manage at this time. I'd prefer to give you guys, what I feel is, quality content, and that means fewer posts for me right now. Without rambling any further, here are my January Favorites!
This is a newer addition to my collection but I am already impressed. I was looking to pick up my Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm, which ended up being out of stock. I ended up picking up this primer. I'd heard brief mention of this product here and there but expected it to be more of a silicone, slippy, primer, which I'm not into anymore. However, this primer is more of a make your foundation last primer with a base of Glycerin and then Dimethicone. It helps to fill pores and while making your foundation cling to the skin. Lovely and affordable!

Recently I wanted a natural look to my skin and I of course reached for this, glowing, light coverage foundation. Part of why I am loving this foundation so much is the new way I've been applying it...with my hands. This came from a moment of being overly busy and a touch lazy; all my foundation brushes and sponges were dirty and I decided to use my hands to apply this foundation and it was beautiful. Never had it looked so good. It just looked as though I had that perfectly angelic, no makeup skin! If you have this foundation and aren't sure, use your hands and it will change your life!

This has been my go to palette for months. Even when I'm using other palettes this guy seems to work it's way in there if not just for the black shadow! This palette is amazing and I'd buy it again and again. Full review here and tutorial here

Soap & Glory - Peach Party
I love a glowing cheek, so this does the trick for me. When swirled together it has a bronzed, pinky, peach tone which looks so healthy. You could go a little over board with this one if you're not careful, so a light hand is a must. I also love this as a blush over-lay and if you're of a deeper skin tone this shade could be a gorgeous highlighter.

Make Up For Ever - Mist & Fix Setting Spray
I had gotten away from using setting sprays and then I started up again and I remembered why they're so good and could not remember why I'd stopped. This is one of my favorites especially for winter. It adds back the moisture my skin needs and keeps my makeup looking fresh!

We all know Tom Ford anything is a treat and a pricey one at that. These mini lipsticks are $36 each, but oh so worth it! I am very passionate about TF lipsticks and I seem to treat myself for my birthday. As it was recently my birthday and TF launched a matte range I had to have this one. It's a classic, deep toned vintage red. But the thing that really amazes me is that with no liner it lasted, without feathering. Wow! Now I need them all. haha Here's a post from the last three I got.

This is a bit of a combo love. I love them both alone, but talk about a power couple. 
Becca - Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Pearl & Charlotte Tilbury - Bar of Gold Highlighter I lay down a layer of Pearl with my fingers being sure to truly blend out all the edges with the warmth of my fingers and then with a brush apply the Bar of Gold for a glowing perfect finish. I am loving this so much I can't stop using it.

So that's it for my favorites! I hope you liked them. It's nice to be back and I hope to hear from you 
in the comments! What have you loved this past month? Tell me! Also, would you like to see a tutorial on the look I'm wearing? Let me know!!

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