Thursday, May 18, 2017

My First Warby Parker Experience!

So I've had my eye on Warby Parker for a while and I got an vision check up and received a 
new prescription and decided now was the time! I don't know how many cities have a Warby Parker stores, but Seattle has one at U-Village. I went in and had an amazing experience with the staff and loved a ton of the styles they had. If you live in the area and can go into the U-Village location and have George help you he's a 10/10! If there isn't a store near you, you can have Warby Parker, for free, ship you 5 pairs of glasses to try on and send back with your pick after picking out some frames you like on there site.
Who is Warby Parker? Well for an in-depth look click the link, but to sum it up, it was founded by a group of students who were dissatisfied with the high cost of glasses and saw a need. Nearly 15% of the world's population does not have access to glasses, this means they can't work or learn due to a lack of sight. This holds people back of course and why should prescription glasses cost so much, well, they don't have to. 
Warby Parker glasses Start at $95 with prescription lenses. But what's more is that they partner with charities to give glasses to someone in need every time you pick up a pair, helping to get vision to the almost 1 billion people who don't have access to glasses. Talk about games changers. They also give you the forms to get reimbursed for your glasses if you do have insurance.

To top all that off style is not compromised. All their glasses are designed in house which helps keep costs lower for you and they listen to what styles you want to see...or rather see through! They also have sunglasses that you can get with or without prescription lenses.
The frames I went with are the Haskell Eyeglasses in Crystal & Blue Jay. They were a total cost of $145 and were shipped to my house for free. This frame has 5 choices of colors that give this clear frame a pop. I loved how they let my eyes and makeup still be the star and show my brows off as well. I feel like they become part of my face rather than just sitting on top. I wanted to get a quirkier frame this time for a lighter look! I am proper obsessed and love these paired with a bright lip and a neutral eye!

Have you heard of Warby Parker? Does it sound like something you'd be interested in when picking
up your next pair of glasses? Tell me in the comments! And yes, if you are a regular reader, I did get a new tattoo on my chest/shoulder. 

PS: This is not sponsored, though I'd be down for it because I 100% believe in companies that are making the would better, more kind, and still making a profit for their work.