Friday, June 9, 2017

Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 - The Lover

I love, love, love the Marc Jacobs' Beauty (MJB) eyeshadow formula. They are honestly 
some of the very best out there in my opinion and for $59 they had better be. However I did swoop this up during the VIB Sale, so I didn't pay full price...thankfully! I've had my eye on this MJ palette for a while and I just couldn't decide if these tones were worth it. Then winter started to wind down in NW Washington and things started to bloom and I guess you could say I caught the spring fever.
The Style Eye-Con No.7 - The Lover is like flower petals and warm pink toned sun beams were popped into a palette and I'm obsessed! If you've been a reader of my blog or known me for a while, you know that I am a warm toned, red, burgundy, grungy eye makeup kinda gal, but this is so fresh and lovely that I have strayed away. 
The shadows in the 7 shade palette scream Marc Jacobs. It remind me a lot of his Daisy Perfume campaign color palettes and I can't get enough. The mattes are so easy to blend and the metallics are buttery to the touch. With MJB the price is not all about the name, but is high quality and performance. 

1 This is a very bright white/pink tone that is an amazing matte inner corner and brow highlight.
2 This is a light rose gold metallic shade that has a lot of light reflection.
3 Is a cool toned light/medium, matte brown with champagne glimmer in it.
4 A matte petal pink that is creamy and easy to blend.
5 This is a copper toned rose gold that is very buttery and looks great as an all over lid shade.
6 This is a slightly warmer petal pink that is a more subdued metallic. It is very pretty but probably the shadow I dip into least.
7 This is a very cool toned brown, perfect for adding depth to all these pinks and golds. It's very pigmented and a little goes very far.
All of the shadows are gorgeous and have a luxury feel to them. The packaging is, of course, sleek and sexy, as it is with all MJB products! These palettes are ideal for travel as they are so small and yet have plenty of shadows to choose from!
These shadows would work lovely for any eye color though it really brings out the hazel tones in my green eyes. I do think the matte pink shades would only work for up to light/medium toned skin due to how cool and pigmented the shades are it could make the skin look ashy rather than highlighted if it was on the deeper end. Of course there are lots of other palettes in the range that would totally work for my deeper toned gals too. 
I am truly obsessed with this palette and I see it taking me through the spring/summer months as I have been loving the fresh faced look. 

What do you think of this palette? What is your favorite look for the warmer months? Tell me 
in the comments below and we'll have a chat about it. Can't wait to hear from you!!