Hi, I'm Amanda!
I'm a beauty obsessed 25 year old who decided to toss my hat into the ring we call the blog-osphere. I simply loved makeup and all things pretty so much that I wanted to talk about it more and as I could go on and on I thought I'd take all that chat to a forum where others loved it as much as I do and didn't mind, but enjoy, my passionate, near ballads for these products.

I am originally from San Jose, California and am currently living outside of Seattle.  I've been doing makeup for a while, but I'm now starting to take it more seriously as an artist who's now blogging my way through my makeup, so come along for the journey by subscribing to my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the comments! 
To inquire about having me do your makeup please email me at amandaamayamakeup@gmail.com

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